Plastic Injection Moulding Materials

Plastic Injection Moulding Services…UK.

Our plastic injection mouldings are used in a wide range of industries that include

White Goods • Electronics • Packaging • Vending Equipment • Office Equipment • Industrial • DIY • Stationery • Home & Garden • Security • Banking Equipment •

We provide cost effective quality plastic injection mouldings that are manufactured and delivered on time and every-time from our Colnbrook Berkshire UK Factory situated very close to Heathrow Airport and National Motorway Networks, M4, M25, M3, M40 And M1, Our clients are based in Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Sussex, Suffolk, Cheshire, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Somerset and in many other UK counties and also European and other International Countries.

Pentech supplies plastic products worldwide whether its is 1 plastic item or million of plastic parts we have no minimum order terms.

Plastic injection moulded components can be moulded in a variety of thermoplastic and 100% bio degradable materials, including


Acetyl (Glass Filled, Unfilled and Impact Modified)


Nylon (PA6 and 6.6 Glass and Mineral Filled, Unfilled and Impact Modified)



Polyethylene (Low, Medium, Linear and High Density)

Polypropylene (Homo and Co-polymer)

Polystyrene ( Clear General Purpose and High Impact Natural Styrene)



PVC ( With variety of shore hardness)

Thermoplastic Elastomers (SBS and TPE With variety of shore hardness) used in Replacement to both Natural Rubber and PVC….

100% Bio -Degradable Plastic Moulding Materials (Manufactured from food substance)

Where practical we can also use reprocessed recycled plastic injection moulding materials

Most of these materials are available in FDA food and UV stabilized grades
We can also colour these materials if required by powder dye or granular masterbatch, pentech carries most standard colours in stock and if required we can colour match the colourants and also have access to colour compounded materials to suit your requirement.
We have solution for every plastic manufacturing project bringing your ideas into production with low or no budget contact us today for brief chat over cup of coffee.

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